Pigeons and Doves photos, pictures

Pigeons and Doves photos, pictures - Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove, Turtle Dove, Laurel Pigeon, Stock Pigeon, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, African Green-Pigeon, American Mourning Dove, Imperial-pigeon, Crested Pigeon, Speckled Pigeon, Yellow-footed Green Pigeon, Emerald Dove, Inca Dove, Laughing Dove, Pied Imperial-pigeon, Spinifex Pigeon, White-winged Dove, Zebra Dove, Mindanao Bleeding-heart, Nicobar Pigeon - photos and pictures

Partridge pigeon - photos, Geophaps smithii
Ring-necked Dove - photos, Streptopelia capicola
Rameron Pigeon - photos, Columba arquatrix
Nicobar Pigeon - photos, Caloenas nicobarica
Mindanao Bleeding-heart - photos
Zebra Dove - photos, Geopelia striata
White-winged Dove  - pictures
Spinifex Pigeon - photos, Geophaps plumifera
Pied Imperial-pigeon - photos, Ducula bicolor
Laughing Dove  - pictures
Inca Dove - photos, Columbina inca
Emerald Dove - photos, Chalcophaps indica
Yellow-footed Green Pigeon  - pictures
Speckled Pigeon  - pictures
Crested Pigeon  - pictures
Imperial-pigeon - photos, Ducula spilorrhoa
American Mourning Dove - photos, Zenaida macroura
African Green Pigeon - photos, Treron calvus
Photos - Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Stock Pigeon  - pictures
Laurel Pigeon - photos, Columba junoniae
Turtle Dove  - pictures
Collared Dove  - pictures, Streptopelia decaocto
Wood Pigeon  - pictures, Columba palumbus

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